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Kg Prince is an underground artist from Denver, Colorado who has established himself in a new era of music by adding his own style to the artistic process of musical creation. For a precocious artist he has a wide discography including his latest EP “Tantrum Temper”.

Kg Prince started in a group called Kloud Gang in 2017, which has since disbanded. He spoke about his reasons for keeping “Kg” as a freelance artist.

“The group had fallen out, so I changed it to mean ‘Keep moving forward’,” said Kg. “I didn’t want to change the name because I was already too far away. Too many people know me as Kg Prince. I feel like rebranding would be so difficult.

Kg Prince explained that he has been around music for as long as he can remember. His grandfather and mother were bass players, his father plays the keyboard and they all sing. He added that his family is a family of actors, which is why he also touches this area of ​​creativity. He was also in the school choir and harmony orchestra.

“I really want to be an artist. I did a rap song, so I guess I’m considered a rapper, but I’m trying to be an artist.

The listener can hear the influence of XXXTENTACION in many of Kg Prince’s songs, especially on “What are you doing ?”, A song from his mixtape Vendetta. He agreed and said he liked X’s music very much in 2017.

“All this SoundCloud-wave was so on fire for me. When they were doing their thing, I feel like a lot of us were inspired by them.

He added that he was also influenced by Twista, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and more. He likes the flows that these artists have been able to develop, as well as their remarkable puns.

“I like to say something to get a person to nod their head. I feel like it just improves the replay value, ”Kg said.

In his latest EP, listeners can hear the currently trending yeat-beat type production accompanied by a different rap style. Nowadays, many artists like to completely copy a trendy person in the hope of being as successful as them.

“You have to know how to adapt to the sound of the moment,” he said, “but also to be you as an artist.”

Kg Prince is a freelance artist. He said he does most of the things a signed rapper would make someone else do. He makes his own cover, edits his videos, mixes and masters all his songs. He wants to get into production when he has the time. He explained that by doing this he feels he has the power to say he did it all and it will help him grow as an artist.

He’s already done a few shows. He described his last show as crazy and amazing because of the energy he created in the room.

As for his next release, Kg Prince said it might be difficult to release an album by the end of the year.

When asked when listeners will hear about a new Kg Prince project, he replied, “2022, but I need to experience new things. I need to go out and do things with friends. I need to experience something new not to talk about the same things.

Kg Prince can be found on Instagram @Kgprincexx and his Youtube is Kgprince.

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