The Rockets had many contributors to a successful Summer League



As the Summer League came to an end for the Houston Rockets on Tuesday against the Portland Trail Blazers, coach Will Weaver was impressed with the young core. Weaver said:

“I’m obviously obsessed with trying to help them all play and look good and speed up their learning curve as much as possible. Then you take a step back and listen to your colleagues and friends in Vegas and hear “I like what your guys are doing.” All credit to Eli, Rafael, Jimmy P., and our staff do an amazing job covering a lot of these guys.

Even if Jalen Green had a premature exit due to hamstring strain, he gave an incredible performance in Las Vegas. He amazed the spectators with his formidable score averaging 20 points per game with 51.4 / 52.6 / 92.9 shots spread across the field. Green also had a live fire percentage of 70.7. As spectators have seen, the G-League prepared Green for the NBA because he has shown leadership, understanding the pick-and-roll philosophy and being able to play defense at a high level. Green has even approached his mistakes on the pitch in a mature way with the media. He expects to perform well in all aspects of his game.

As of this week, Green has been part of the NBA Summer League’s second team, scoring a total of 61 points in 72 minutes and having a defensive rating of 102.7. Only Green’s strained hamstrings caused this situation. Fortunately, he will be in good health for the regular season.

Josh Christopher has proven his defensive ability in various covers on the pitch. Inside the Summer League, Christopher allowed 3 of 12 shots with five forced turnovers while allowing just 0.474 points per possession and finished in the 85e percentile within this category. He even finished with a defensive score of 101.1. Christopher has gotten a ton of comparisons with Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon due to his tenacious defense and size.

Although Christopher is a great defender, he has shown his offensive ability alongside Green. Christopher has a good set of skills for putting the ball on the ground for pull-ups or practice byes. He is not an easy player to keep due to his downhill ability. His massive shoulders allow space to be created or forced so that Christopher can better look at the basket. Christopher loves taking comfortable shots near the edge and he loves his mid-range game.

Before the Rockets played the Trail Blazers, Christopher had a hard time. He was shooting 16 of 52 from the field, or 30.8%. While playing against Portland, Christopher shot 57% from the field with 20 points and was one of the main catalysts for Houston’s victory. As Christopher wrapped up his entry into the NBA, he finished with 16.8 points per game while shooting 38.5% from the field.

Alperen Sengun capped an excellent performance in the Summer League, as he showed his versatility throughout the tournament. He amazed the spectators with his rebounds, his defense, his assists and his goals. Sengun marveled in all aspects of his game because he continued to be aggressive. Coach Weaver was impressed with his skill set at 6’10 “. Weaver said:

“It’s thanks to his natural physical and mental tools. We’re excited to try and release this in other ways.

Sengun has proven that he can be successful in pick-and-roll opportunities thanks to his IQ. He knows how to choose his roller skating and screener places on the court. Another thing Sengun does so well is create space between opposing players for open shots and easy layups. Hopefully Silas finds space for him during this season with Christian Wood and Daniel Theis. Sengun finished the Summer League with 14.5 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks per game

Armoni Brooks missed the first three games of the Summer League due to safety and health protocols. In Brooks’ last Summer League game, he made nine trebles with 30 points and became the main pioneer of a 12-2 streak that sparked the victory for Houston. Brooks thankfully redeemed himself after shooting 25% in the previous game against the Orlando Magic.

It’s always amazing that Brooks can find his place around screens and in different areas of the pitch. Silas might find some minutes for Brooks this coming season. While this roster is deep, Brooks could still play and make an impact throughout the game.

Coach Silas will have his hands full with the rotation, which is a good thing. John Wall and Eric Gordon are still on the roster so it’s harder for other players to get minutes. There are rumors from Athletic that Danuel House could get an extra time and Jae’Sean Tate will step off the bench.

The minutes will be compact for the younger kernel, but hopefully there is a solution. One of Silas’ main goals will be to establish rotations during training camp and preseason.


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