This week’s ‘Flying Horse’ theme: Things that fly | flying horse

Birds, airplanes, helicopters: You can’t believe how many things can fly. Many things can fly, such as birds, planes and helicopters. Have you ever flown? I don’t have one but I think it’s fun! And a helicopter? Have you been on one? I haven’t been in a helicopter, but I think it’s fun!

Joselyn V. Gregorio-Pineda

Butterflies, flies: Many things can fly like butterflies or an airplane or a fly. Then other things like cockroaches in Florida; there are so many that can fly in the sky.

A unicorn: A unicorn has two wings and can fly. Unicorns have huge fluffy white wings. I love unicorn wings.

A rocket: A thing that flies is a rocket. A rocket is something that goes into space. He goes to space because it’s his job.

Many things fly: Cars fly. Airplanes fly. Helicopters fly. Fly fish. The birds fly. Rockets fly. Hot air balloons fly.

Flying things are awesome: Things that fly are awesome. They can basically take you anywhere in the world. Anywhere, any home. Do you like to fly?

Ladybugs: I love ladybugs. They are cute in flight. I love when they land. They are red and black. They are cute and fun to play with.

Planes, eagles, pigeons: Airplanes fly high in the sky. Eagles have wings to fly. A pigeon can fly.

Many things fly: There are many things that can fly. Eagles and geese are animals that can fly. They use their wings. People fly high in the sky in airplanes to reach distant places.

Helium balloons: Helium is put into balloons to make them fly. Airplanes fly high in the sky. Bats and birds have wings to fly.

Impossible to keep track of all the things that fly: Things that fly are birds, planes, etc. There are many things that fly. I can’t follow them.

Love ladybugs: Hey! Do you like ladybugs? Well, I do! They come in so many colors. They also have wings. Their wings help them fly! There are over 5,000 types of ladybugs. Most ladybugs have spots, but some don’t. I love ladybugs!

Flying fish: Many things fly, like fish. I know you might ask how and what is the name of the fish. The scientific name of the fish is exocoetidae. Birds, planes, insects and flies fly. If you could fly, where would you go and use it for better or for worse?

Birds, football, plane, helicopter: I saw a bird fly. I saw a soccer ball fly and I saw an airplane fly. All of these things can fly and a helicopter can fly too!

Butterfly: A butterfly can fly, but when butterflies are in a chrysalis, they cannot fly — only if they are outside the chrysalis. They can fly and you can hold the butterfly, be careful with it, that’s why butterflies can fly.

Reindeer: Flying things are reindeer! And I fly! I’m joking! Haha!

Eagles and crows: There are many things that fly, like eagles and crows. Some flying things are birds and hawks. Most things that fly have either wings or fire, like rockets run on fire and jets run on both. Wings help to steer. Fire helps to stay in the air and on the ground. There can be things with fire and wings that don’t fly.

Owls: What I know flies is a bird. Owls also fly. I like it.

Things that fly go fast: Airplanes can fly, as can helicopters, birds, hot air balloons, and butterflies. Flying fish are fish that, when required to move faster, can fly.

Spaceships : Spaceships can fly. They use gas to get started. Most spaceships have a cone at the top. There is a space station in Florida. One of my favorite “Star Wars” spaceships is the Millennium Falcon.

Wings make things fly: Birds have wings to make them fly. Helicopters fly high in the sky. A falcon can fly.

Likes to watch the birds fly: Birds can fly in the sky. Penguins cannot fly; they waddle. I love watching birds fly.

Animals, insects and planes: The things that fly are a bird, an airplane, a crow, a falcon and an eagle. Some insects fly. One of them is a bee. Jet planes and regular planes fly.

Rainbow Unicorns: Unicorns are so cool when they fly. They are normally rainbow. Unicorns are so, so playful.

Animals fly: Some animals fly. Airplanes fly, but throughout history we have never had human flight. Think about the possibilities; we could be on a high cliff and find an eagle’s nest.

Drones, paper planes and more: A plane flies. Helicopters and insects fly. Flying fish, ladybugs and drones are flying. Bats fly. Paper airplanes fly.

Airplanes can fly: I know what can fly. An airplane can fly. Planes go up and down and all over the world. Airplanes are fun to fly. They can contain people. They have wings that don’t flap. The planes are mostly white.

Things that fly high: Things that fly are butterflies, birds and bats. They can fly high.

Birds, bats and insects: Salvation! Today we are going to talk about things that fly like a parrot and a pelican, and some birds cannot fly like a penguin. Bats can fly too, just like insects. The insects I like are butterflies and ladybugs. Insects that I don’t like are bees and horseflies. Things that aren’t animals but can fly are airplanes, helicopters, and jets.

A million things fly: Things that fly are bees, airplanes and flies. There are over a million things that fly. I can name a few others, such as birds.

Flying birds: The first morning I heard the birds, I thought “It’s spring!” Then I thought “flying birds!” I love birds. I think they look a lot like us. They are different, they protect and they have families like us.

Toucans: A toucan can fly. Toucans are really colorful. They have many colors. Toucans can fly because they have wings. Toucans are one of my favorite animals. Toucans live in South America.

Fly to travel: People fly to travel far. Helicopters fly high in the sky. Birds have wings to help them fly. They also lay eggs.

Jets: Things that fly are jets. They are fast. I like them because of their speed. You can go anywhere on an airplane. Helicopters can soar high in the sky. You can skydive.

Eagles : Eagles can fly 115 miles per hour. They can slide very well. They eat meat.

Flying things are full of resources: Things that fly are really ingenious for traveling faster, like planes and jets. They are a lot of fun, but the downside is that they use a lot of gas and now, at this time, gas is very expensive. It costs at least more than $4 a gallon. Although air transport is efficient, it is very expensive.

I see things fly: I see birds fly with their wings. I see the jets flying with their wings. I see planes flying with their big wings. I see a rocket fly with the great fire. I see a rocket fly on live television.

Helicopters and kites: The flying things are a helicopter and a kite.

Not the penguins: Birds capable of flight are cardinals and robins. The birds that cannot are penguins.

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