ULA and NASA complete ‘wet dress rehearsal’ for next launch to study ‘Trojan asteroids’ – WFTV



ESPACE KENNEDY CENTER. Florida – The United Launch Alliance has hosted a “wet dress rehearsal” for their upcoming rocket launch for NASA’s Lucy mission.

ULA’s AtlasV rocket was deployed to the Space Launch Complex-41 launch pad and fueled on Friday to ensure the systems are ready for launch on October 16.

WATCH: NASA’s Lucy mission is set to launch on October 16 to study Trojan asteroids

The rocket missed its payload for the test as 66,000 gallons of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fuel were introduced and then discharged from the rocket.

Photos: ULA and NASA complete “wet dress rehearsal” for next launch to study “Trojan asteroids”

The joint ULA and NASA team reported that all systems are ready for the upcoming launch.

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NASA’s Lucy mission will travel 4 billion miles over 12 years to study the motion of seven Trojan asteroids.

NASA officials have said the Lucy spacecraft will be the first space mission to explore a diverse population of small bodies known as Jupiter Trojan asteroids.

Asteroids are remnants of our early solar system.

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Officials said the Trojan asteroids are in two “swarms” that lead and follow Jupiter in its orbit around the sun and are almost as numerous as objects in the main asteroid belt.

Channel 9 will have ongoing coverage of the launch and provide updates on Eyewitness News.

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