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VANDENBERG SPACE FORCE BASE, CA, September 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket is being finalized to launch the Landsat 9 mission for NASA. The launch is on track for September 27 of Space Launch Complex-3 at Space Force Base Vandenberg. The launch is scheduled for 11:11 a.m. PDT. Live broadcast of the launch begins at 10:30 a.m. PDT to September 27 at www.ulalaunch.com.

“We are proud to continue to serve as the primary launch provider for Landsat missions. ULA and our historic launchers have launched every Landsat mission since 1972,” said Gary Wentz, vice president of government and business programs at ULA. “The Landsat series provides exceptional data for the Earth’s environment and scientific research, and Landsat 9 will add to these capabilities. We have worked alongside our partners, in a challenging health environment, to prepare for the launch of this important mission that will strengthen research on Earth from space for decades to come. ”

Landsat 9 is a joint mission of NASA and the US Geological Survey (USGS). In addition to Landsat 9, this mission includes the ESPA Flight System (EFS) which will deploy multiple CubeSats after the separation of Landsat 9. The Atlas V will deploy Landsat 9 and CubeSats in two different orbits, allowing the first four-way Centaur mission. fires for ULA on an Atlas V rocket. The Centaur top stage has the ability to increase performance, and the Landsat 9 mission flight design takes advantage of this capability.

The mission will be launched on an Atlas V 401 configuration rocket, which includes an additional 13.7ft (4m) (XEPF) payload fairing and is 194ft (59m) high. The Atlas booster for this mission is powered by the RD AMROSS RD-180 engine. Aerojet Rocketdyne supplied the RL10C-1 engine for the Centaur upper stage.

It will be 88e Atlas V and 20 rocket launche mission launched on an Atlas V in partnership with NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP). This launch is the 300e Launch of Atlas from Vandenberg Space Force Base. To date, ULA has been launched 144 times with 100% mission success.

With over a century of combined heritage, ULA is the country’s most experienced and trusted launch services provider. ULA has successfully delivered more than 140 in-orbit missions that help meteorologists track severe weather events, unravel the mysteries of our solar system, provide essential capabilities to troops in the field, provide advanced commercial services and enable navigation GPS. For more information about ULA, visit the ULA website at www.ulalaunch.com or call the ULA Launch Hotline at 1-877-ULA-4321 (852-4321).

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SOURCE United Launch Alliance (ULA)


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