Why America needs Jordan Spieth to complete Ryder Cup return – the Athletic



SHEBOYGAN, Wisconsin – You should see their faces. Crowds of fans here light up and cheer every time an American player walks by. “Come on DJ! “Let’s go get that W this week, JT!” “Go for the greeeeen, Bryson!”

But then there’s Jordan Spieth. And when Jordan Spieth walks past, American fans don’t just cheer him on. Oh no. They want it. A certain air of hope invades them. It is something to see. Their eyes blink. Their hearts beat. As has been the case for so long, they see it as something more.

“We love you, Jordan,” shouted an American fan on Wednesday, beside the 11th tee at Whistling Straits, extending an arm over a rope, reaching for Spieth.

He couldn’t hear her. Really, however, he didn’t need to.

Spieth knows it.

It’s been his place in the golf world for so long that we might forget he’s only 28 years old. Everyone feels like they know him. Everyone feels like they’ve been on this trip with him. He is the emergency contact for a generation of golf enthusiasts in this country.

“When you think of American golf and young American golf, it starts with Jordan Spieth,” said US Ryder Cup captain Steve Stricker after naming Spieth the captain’s choice for the United States team. “A huge golf fan base is due to Jordan. “

It’s hard billing to meet, but nothing new either. Jordan Spieth has long been in desperate need of fulfilling the Savior status bestowed on him years before. This was back when he was a 20 year old boy who burst into fan life with Masters and US Open wins in 2015, playing with fearless daring, using his putter to paint with colors that we had never seen.


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